Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Frivolity

Boy I need a frivolity break! Spending Valentine's Day here while my hubby is in Iraq was rough. Monday is our anniversary, so I expect that'll be a tough one too. Thankfully, he does get to call me periodically and email me regularly, so that's something.

So, for the frivolous offerings of the week we begin with...a quiz!

You Are a Golden Retriever Puppy

Tolerant, fun-loving, and patient.
You are eager to please - and attached to your frisbee.

Dang, and I was hoping for Shar Pei!

Ooh, speaking of that, if you don't check out my family blog (and y'all are more than welcome to stop by there whenever ya want), here's a link to the most aborable puppy in the whole wide world- Pup Scout

Did you grow up withone of these too? Lite-Brite

Need to waste more time at work? Well, here you go! Pogo Games



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