Friday, February 16, 2007

Democrats and BRAC*

I read this article in the Observer recently-

Easley urges BRAC help

The U.S. Senate will take up the funding issue next week when it considers a continuing resolution for the federal budget. The House on Wednesday passed its version, which Army officials say puts the base realignment and closure projects at risk.

“While funding in the continuing resolution passed this week by the House of Representatives adds $1 billion, it still falls about $2 billion short of the needed nationwide funding,” the governor wrote. “It is critical that the transitions outlined by the BRAC realignments continue without delay. Failure to properly fund this now could derail progress on what is already a tight schedule to implement the changes. Up to $220 million in projects at Fort Bragg alone could be stalled if funding is not approved.”

I have to look and see what has happened on that bill, but IF it passed can I start questioning the Democrats support of our troops yet? They SAY they won't cut funding to the troops, but I guess they don't care about housing the ones that are here in the states, or keeping their commitments to their well being.

And they expect us to believe they won't do the same thing to our troops in harm's way?

The Republican-controlled 109th Congress in 2005 mandated a multibillion-dollar program of base realignments and closures to be completed by September 2011. That Congress left town in December without passing many 2007 spending bills, including military construction. The Democratic-controlled 110th Congress, which was sworn in last month, has been considering 2007 spending bills and possible supplemental appropriations. The president is soon to make a budget proposal for the federal fiscal year that begins Oct. 1.
The president requested more than $5.6 billion to carry out BRAC mandates in 2007, but the legislation funds about $2.5 billion, leaving a shortfall of more than $3 billion, said Rep. Robin Hayes, a Concord Republican.


Army officials estimate that 56 percent of BRAC construction planned for 2007 cannot be carried out.

I know, I can't put ALL the blame on the Democrats here. More and more I feel like my party is taking a decidedly left turn and leaving me in the dust. But, while the Republicans may have dropped the ball last year, it's the Dems who are NOT FUNDING the military at home THIS YEAR.

To put it plainly, if they're not willing to support the troops that ARE home, why should we believe that they support the troops they want to BRING home?

Heh....'bring the troops home now' is their mantra. Okay, bring 'em home. Where are they going to live when they GET here? Hmmmm?

*BRAC is the Base Realignment and Closure program that Congress OK'ed last year.

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