Monday, January 29, 2007

My letter to the Senators

I got the okay to send this (I wanted to double check and make sure that using my hubby's info in the letter was okay), and sent it to all the Senator's on Hugh's list.

It's under the cut-

Dear Senator,

Please indulge me a moment in giving you a little background on why I am writing to you today.

Before I met him, my husband was in the Army Reserves. He served for a number of years and was deployed during the First Gulf war. He got out in 1994, shortly before we met. In February of 2005 he went down to the local MEPS station and re-enlisted, this time as an Active Duty Soldier. His main reason for joining again at age 35 was because he truly believes in our mission in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the greater Global War on Terror. He completed the Warrior Transition Course and went on to jump school at Fort Benning, Georgia. He now proudly serves as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, 2nd Brigade Combat Team.

On December 27, 2006 the 2nd BCT received their orders to deploy to Kuwait. His Battalion left on January 1, 2007. They arrived in Kuwait as the ‘Call Forward’ force and were almost immediately called forward into Iraq as part of the President’s 20,000+ new troops.

My husband and I are in absolute agreement over the necessity of this war and the absolute need for victory. Your support of a non-binding resolution criticizing the troop surge and saying that it is not in the national interest does nothing but hurt our troops in Iraq and elsewhere. It is propaganda of the worst sort and will certainly be used by our enemies to “prove” that the US doesn’t support our soldiers there and if they just kill off a few more of them we’ll turn tail and leave.

If you feel you must voice your disapproval of the war, then please do it in ways that won’t bring more danger and harm to my husband and the men and women with whom he serves.

I do ask you to reconsider your support of this resolution. If you sincerely feel that you cannot oppose it, then I ask you to abstain from voting in favor of it. Please don’t give the men that want my husband dead any more ammunition to make it to a reality.

Thank you,

Mrs. JK Drake
Fort Bragg, NC

At the time I wrote it, there was only the one resolution, the Biden one. But, I think it works for ANY resolution that will be giving aid and comfort to the enemy.



At January 29, 2007 10:23 PM, Anonymous Mike@CopTheTruth said...

If you don't stand behind us, feel free to stand in front of us! Let us know if you get a response. We'll pray for hubby's safe return, as well.

At February 05, 2007 3:39 PM, Anonymous Flag Gazer said...

Beautifully said!


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