Thursday, January 18, 2007

Corporal Jason Dunham

Received the Medal of Honor posthumously last week.
Watch the video. (realplayer)

This is one of countless of examples of the type of men and women who BELIEVE in what they are doing in Iraq and for the greater War on Terror. Jason did not die in vain. His sacrifice can only be minimized if we as a nation give up and go home before the job he gave his life for is finished.

I especilly liked this bit-

Deb Dunham calls the Marine Corps her son's second family and she means that literally. Deb describes her son's relationship to his men this way: "Jay was part guardian angel, part big brother, and all Marine." She remembers her son calling from the barracks, and then passing the phone to one of his Marines, saying, "I've got a guy here who just needs to talk to a mom." Now it's the Marines who comfort her. On special days, like Christmas or Mother's Day or her birthday, Deb has learned the day will not pass without one of Jason's fellow Marines calling to check on her.

While I pray to God that I will never be up on that stage recieving an award for my husband, I am proud of the fact that I know he is also the type of man who would give his all if that is what he has to do. I am proud also to be a part of the Military family who looks after each other. I will really miss that when I go back to civilian life.



At January 18, 2007 10:42 PM, Blogger Alicia said...

Thanks for sharing that story. I found all of it moving: the type of people in our military, and the family aspect. Maybe when you get the time, would you like to write a bit more about Military family life? I'd love your perspective.


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