Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another good read

I'm just finding all kinds of good stuff today. This one courtesy of Sparks from the Anvil-

Soldier's Thoughts

I especially liked this bit from a letter he wrote to his daughter in case he died in Iraq-

"In order to secure the American people, democracy had to be spread to the region because democratic governments are far less prone to going to war and they are far less prone to internal strife and violence. The process couldn't help but be messy, but it was necessary. Obviously, I don't know how this experiment works out, but you do. If Iraq is a democratic nation now, or if Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi, Kuwait, or one of the others has become democratic, then the war was worth it. However, if we pulled out because we lost too many soldiers and got out in an act of political expediency, then I did die in vain."

Pretty much sums it up for me, and I know that Aaryk would agree with him.

Now go read the whole thing.



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