Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I needed to read this....

Make a Choice

Bill Whittle said what I really needed to hear this morning. (I know, how unusual!)

From this piece-

As I write this, the Democrats have taken control of the House of Representative and look likely to eek out control of the Senate.

My friends, this is time to make a choice. We have suffered a very large defeat tonight, and there is nothing now that we can do about that except decide on how we wish to face it. We have been given an opportunity to show what losing with honor should look like. Do not wail and cry. Do not shout CHEATERS! or whine about media coverage. And most especially do not blame the American people. They are not idiots and they are not sheep. Iraq is not lost, the War on Terror goes on and despite what you may be feeling right now, there will not be any US helicopters evacuating stragglers off the roof of the US embassy in Baghdad...not tomorrow or any other day. That war was won on a November night two years ago. Trust me on this one, if you can, and if you cannot then at least do not despair. Maybe now we will realize that selling this war is as important as fighting it. In that regard I've been AWOL and I am ashamed.


The Congress that the Republicans lost they lost because they abandoned the ideals that elected them in the first place. We must learn from our mistakes. We will have two years to do so.

Remember one thing before you go. The most important election we are ever likely to see in our lives was not this evening's election. Bush's re-election in 2004 was the one we HAD to have, and we got it. Be grateful for that, acknowledge that this loss is no one's fault but our own, congratulate the Democrats on their impressive wins and start figuring out how we can make sure this never EVER happens again. =)

Emphasis mine. Go read the whole thing, it's short and puts things in a better perspective than I could.

Ok Dems, you got the Congress, us what you're made of!



At November 09, 2006 10:50 PM, Blogger Alicia said...

Thanks for posting this. I liked your last line, too: "show us what you're made of!" Just like we were talking about over on lj--separating the person from the politics--now I hope the people are able to rise to the challenges we face in our country right now.


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