Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Well, that's that

Well, I'm hideously depressed this morning. But, being a democracy it's true that we get the government we deserve. I have no doubt that we'll survive Speaker Pelosi (I guess she CAN go pick out the curtains now), but I am concerned that Charlie Rangel will be a man of his word and push to defund the war effort.

I'm really sorry that Steele didn't do better in Maryland, I was really pushing for him. And Dana Irey (PA-12) too...although you didn't hear much about her in the last couple of months.

What do you want to bet that the ONLY places the Dems want to say were rigged are Virginia and Montana? Well, only if the votes DO go to the Republicans there. Yeah, I'm a little bitter this morning, but like I said at the beginning, we do get the government we deserve, and maybe a Republican minority isn't such a bad thing. Hell, they've been acting like it for the last several years anyway.

Now I get to 'walk the walk' and try to find the good and positive things in this new Congress. Sigh.... Hey, maybe it means that Bush will grow more of a spine and actually VETO more things!

AZ didn't change too much this time, here's the info on the races/initiatives there-

AZ election results
JD lost, and that's a bummer, but he'll bounce back. On the initiatives, all the ones that involve illegal aliens went towards limiting services, English is now the official language, there will be NO stupid lottery prize for voting, no requirement to mail out ballots to each citizen, and restrictions on how the government can take your land. On the down side, we did vote to raise the minimum wage, ban smoking statewide in ALL restaurants including bars, tax cigarettes to pay for preschool programs (which just means that more folks will go to the Reservations to get their cigs), and it looks like the same-sex marriage ban is going to lose. BUT, they still have quite a few absentee ballots to count still (including ours!), so who knows?!

Okay, I got up early to see the news, I'm going back to's cold and rainy here and I'm just not ready to face the day yet.

UPDATE- I'm okay. Not happy, but okay. I refuse to live in fear and darkness, even with a democrat controlled Congress! ;) Just didn't want y'all to worry aobut me! Fortunately, life goes on, and America is STILL the greatest nation in the world!



At November 09, 2006 10:47 PM, Blogger Alicia said...

I enjoyed all this post. No stupid lottery for voting, indeed! Our state has better things to do with its money. One of the questions was whether the state could issue bonds to improve the water and utilities.

It's cool that you are finding the good in our current administration--after all, the system hasn't changed, and this is an incredibly great country. We'll move forward.


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