Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dirty tricks and questionable acts

I'm just going to keep track of the various reports I read today of attempted (or actual) voter fraud, intimidation, and the like. I KNOW most of these are from partisan sources, but I also know that the MSM won't be covering many of these...irregularities. And just for the record, no, I don't think that Repbulicans are perfect, and yes, we have scummy people on our side too. But since it's the Dems that are saying crap like- 'if we don't win then you cheated', I think it's more than fair to oint out where THEY are the ones doing the cheating.

So, here's who's got info already-
Free Republic
Red State
Breitbart Don't know the 'sides' on this one, and don't care. Wrong is wrong.
Hugh Hewitt has a round up of other...irregularies today.
Gateway Pundit

Election Results courtesy of NZ Bear (nothing here until this evening folks!)
the Pajama Media's coverage
Glenn Reynolds TCS Daily column is just good general reading



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