Thursday, July 13, 2006

This just gets my goat

If You're Wondering Where the Good Teachers Have Gone

I know, from first hand experience how difficult it can be when your boss is called up for service. It doesn't even have to be for a year in Afghanistan, even short deployments (which are more the norm in the Guard and Reserves) can cause issues at work.

HOWEVER, we have a responsibility to these men and women to make sure that their employment is secure when they DO get home. Why? Because if we didn't provide some sort of guarantee to folks willing to go into the Guard or Reserves, fewer would consider it. If that happens, the end result in times like this is to have to institute the draft again.

My lefty friends I'm sure would roll their eyes and say, "Well, if Bush hadn't gotten us into this war, there wouldn't be a problem". To which I'd say- If the terrorists hadn't STARTED this war, then there wouldn't be a need. But even if you took the War on Terror out of the picture, you would still have Guardsmen and Reservists called up periodically for duty, and we would STILL need to provide them some job protection.

Unless, of course, you DON'T support the troops.



At July 14, 2006 12:39 AM, Blogger Alicia said...

I'm 100% with you on this seems to give another real-world meaning to the phrase "bite the hand that feeds us."

Is there a legal recourse that's worth pursuing? If the school is legally obligated to hold positions for a year, is there a way to hold it to the promise?

(Yes, the "job should be priority/yes" exchange rankled me too!)


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