Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Frivolity

Sorry for the late posting today, my hubby and I took off for the coast to go to the aquarium and to Fort Macon State Park. Very cool day!

Frivolities below-

You Are Most Like George W. Bush

So what if you're not exactly popular? You still rule the free world.
And while you may be quite conservative now, you knew how to party back in the day!

You Are Elektra

There's really no superhero with more style than you.
Because who could beat being sexy assasin ninja?

Pirates quiz

I got-

Your management style resembles Black Bart’s, the most successful pirate in history. Forced into piracy, he quickly climbed the corporate ladder to become captain in just six weeks. A takeover and merger specialist, he captured 456 ships, far more than any other pirate. He built a loyal team by treating people with respect and fairness. He even hired musicians to make the workplace more pleasant. The consummate professional, he dressed stylishly, had impeccable manners and never touched alcohol. He died in battle and was buried at sea.



At July 08, 2006 12:19 PM, Blogger Alicia said...

I always enjoy these. You got Elektra! I adored her in the movie, as well as in the concept behind her character. I liked the line about being conservative but knowing how to party, too, *g*.


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