Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blog for Relief Day tomorrow

I've just signed up with The Truth Laid Bear- to blog tomorrow in the Blog For Relief Day.

I'm glad that you're here, now we have work to do.

I posted some of the things we can do over on my family blog here-

I'm blogging for Feed the Children ( 1-888-58CHILD

Consider what you would spend on one lunch, morning coffee, movie, six-pack, DVD, or other non-essential item. Then remember that the folks down in Louisiana and Mississippi not only lost all of their 'non-essential stuff', but most of them won't be buying any of them again anytime soon.

Like most of my friends, I don't have much money to spare. But I'm committed to sending SOMETHING to Feed the Children tonight. It will mean that when I go to the store tomorrow, I won't buy the 12-pack of Diet Coke I usually would, but I know the money the money will go to those who need it more than I.

Don't count on the big corporate entities to sweep in and pick up the banner for this fight. has already announced that it won't be helping out this time, setting up a place for donations like it did for the Tsunami.

Nope. This time it is really and truly up to us. As a group Americans dug down deep to help people on the other side of the planet, I am confident that we can come together over this and do the same.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you are interested in some other charities to donate to, I suggest checking the following link-

UDPATE- It looks like Yahoo is getting in on the act too! They now have link on their homepage for donations to the Red Cross and Network for Good. Thanks Yahoo!
HT- Instapundit

UPDATE II- Amazon FINALLY came through and changed their initial stand on donations! Thanks to everyone who called or emailed them!

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