Thursday, August 25, 2005

More on SUVs

Glenn Reynolds over at has a BUNCH more on SUVs, and some thoughts I hadn't considered. Such as how federal regulations regarding seatbelts, carseats, and side airbags have contributed to the need for SUVs.


Folks tend to forget that it's not just soccer moms and big families that need SUVs. Anyone who vacations with their trailer needs either a truck or (as in the case of my folks) an SUV. Sure, they could have bought a truck, but for their one and only vehicle it's not nearly as practical as their Suburban. Especially with all the things they are involved in at church, their hobbies, and I can't imagine them trying to take Rex (their lovable Jack Russell/German short-haired pointer mix) anywhere in the cab of a truck!

(This is a reprint of a post from my old blog. Comments from that blog are below the cut)

1)Oh, I get that. My mom's parents used to drive across the country in their van. They'd park it somewhere (a public campsite, I mean), and have everything they needed right there. I didn't realize that SUVs were needed for carseats and stuff--but I have done a lot of traveling in a station wagon.



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