Wednesday, August 31, 2005

How you can help

Here's a couple of different lists of places that are working on hurricane relief.

Lowe's are matching in-store donations to the Red Cross-

You can donate to Feed the Children at 1-888-58CHILD. They are working with FEMA in the area.

Hugh Hewitt also suggests getting your church to sponsor a church in the area. He has a list of churches here- scroll down to "A Courtesan Cries for Help". Maybe some of my non-Christian friends can put together a list of their churches/groups to support? Let me know and I'll be glad to post them here!

I think that Hugh has a point when he says that churches are going to be doing the long term work in the area. Long after the Red Cross leaves, people will still be in need. The charitable arms of the various religious groups will be the ones that most will turn to.

I'm trying to find some other ways that people can help. Prayer is always good. Any other suggestions?

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