Thursday, August 25, 2005

Who I am

This is always the tough question. I wear so many hats!

I am a(in no particular order)~

Army Wife
Catholic Christian
Conservative Republican
Avid Gamer
Movie Junkie
Domestic Goddess-in-training
Crafty Woman
Voracious Reader
CTM (don't know what that is? Ask me!)
Theatre Fan
Music Lover
Customer Service Excellence Enthusiast

That'll do for a start. Just please don't try and pigeon-hole me into a stereotype based on some part of this list. For example, I am a Republican and support our effort in the War on Terror in Iraq, but I don't think EVERYTHING our President does is right. I'm pro-life, but I don't think a baby's life is MORE important than her mother's life. They are BOTH human lives with equal dignity. I try to be consistent in my views, but I'm still learning...every day.

I try to be respectful and tolerant, and expect the same of others. I believe in using the names for other (specifically groups of people) that they use for themselves. For example, I won't call Fundementalist Christians "fundies", and I won't call pro-choice advocates "pro-murder". This is important, because when you start name-calling, the other side stops listening.

Well, that's a start. Now, on to other things!


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