Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How I'm going to handle the 'Happy Holidays'

I've been thinking about this a lot of late, ever since I was in a meeting last week where others were talking about an upcoming project that one department was doing and did they have 'Merry Christmas' on the newsletter. They didn't, and it's a good thing apparently, because nothing official from this school can have that on it. They discussed that it DID have Christmas colors, but they were going to let that pass.

How sad.

I know that I'm likely to get into hot water by wishing folks here a 'Merry Christmas', and as much as I'd LIKE to be a rabble rouser, I also would LIKE to keep my job!

So, since we say "Happy Holidays" to be inclusive and not to offend, what I will do is wait and acknowledge the greeting from others and politely ask them which holiday THEY celebrate. Then I'll respond with whatever greeting would be appropriate.

Not in an accusatory manner, just as a way of being able to respond respectfully and not in such a bland, politically correct way.

I imagine conversations something like this-

Joe- Happy Holidays Kyrie!

Me- Thank you Joe! May I ask, which holiday do you celebrate this season?

Joe- Me? Well I'm Jewish so Hanukkah is my holiday.

Me- Then I hope you have a blessed Festival of Lights!

Or for the non-religious person-

Jill- Happy Holidays Kyrie!

Me- Thank you Jill! May I ask, which holiday do you celebrate this season?

Jill- I don't really celebrate anything.

Me- Well then I wish you a great and restful Winter Break!

I hope I have the courage to actually DO this (or something similar) with love and appreciation for ALL the things we celebrate during this season.



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