Friday, July 27, 2007

Sorry I've been negligent here gang

With Aaryk back in Iraq, some days are just harder than others for me to get anything done. I'm dealing with it, and we're all fine, but it does mean that I ignore my blogs more than I'd like. So thanks to everyone who checks in here still!

I found this today and and wanted to share-
Military Motivator

One of my favorites (and I'm sure Aaryk would agree!) is this one-

There's lots more going on in the world that I should be writing about, and I'm sure I'll get to it all eventually!



At July 27, 2007 4:59 AM, Anonymous plodon said...

Military Motivator is great!

Some of my favorites:

from "older posts"

"Airborne Agenda" :)

At July 27, 2007 5:04 AM, Anonymous plodon said...

Despite the alleged fate of the cat, I'm curious as to the MOS of your kid that I think you mentioned recently graduated from basic.

At July 27, 2007 10:02 AM, Blogger Kyrie said...


Sorry I didn't get back to you on that question in the other post. I had to go look it up again. He's in his AIT for 94F- Special Electronic Devices Repair.

The kid's a whiz with computers and such, so I think he'll do well in this particular field.

Thanks for asking!

At July 28, 2007 11:22 AM, Blogger Alicia said...

Thanks for the great poster! Yeah, I check over here all the time, and I understand delays...I think any of us who also run our own sites do. Looking forward to whatever you come up with!


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