Friday, July 27, 2007

Sorry I've been negligent here gang

With Aaryk back in Iraq, some days are just harder than others for me to get anything done. I'm dealing with it, and we're all fine, but it does mean that I ignore my blogs more than I'd like. So thanks to everyone who checks in here still!

I found this today and and wanted to share-
Military Motivator

One of my favorites (and I'm sure Aaryk would agree!) is this one-

There's lots more going on in the world that I should be writing about, and I'm sure I'll get to it all eventually!


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Thursday, July 19, 2007

And Aaryk said...

"Why don't *I* have any stories like this?!"

Superheroes part 1

(I told him it was because he goes to bars dressed as a blue hedgehog, but that's another story entirely!)


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Monday, July 09, 2007

Links from the open Road

Okay, well, mostly these are just things I want to read more about when I get home. We're having the car repaired in New Orleans today and I really hope to be home by Thursday.

4 Ways for servicemembers to get money for college (mostly for Brian)
Preserving History with Playing Cards Pretty cool way for our guys to learn more about the areas they are protecting
Homecoming SpouseBuzz is quick becoming my 'go to' place for discussions by military families on topics that are important to us.
Missing Soldier's Wife Gets Green Card
Walter Reed Gets Troops Back to Shooting

I may have other links in the next couple of days, and I may even post a picture or two of my son graduating from Basic Combat Training!


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