Friday, May 18, 2007

Where I get my war news

My anonymous commenter a couple of posts back said, "And please don't spout about how the soldiers in Iraq "know" things are going well; you're not the only one with a direct line to soldiers, and no, things are not going well."

I don't get that kind of information from my soldier usually. I understand that any one soldier has a very limited frame of reference, and while things may be going well (or poorly) for him, this is not necessarily indicative of the overall war.

So, for those who care, here's where I read about what's going on over there (in order of importance)-

Operation Iraqi Freedom
Mudville Gazette
Victory Caucus
Michael Yon

I realize that many of the sites I read are more conservative in nature. But the top three, Operation Iraqi Freedom, CENTCOM, and aren't, and neither is Instapundit. Admittedly, I don't look to left leaning sites for my Iraq news, although I do read a good friend's LJ particularly for her friends page, and most of them are Left leaning activist types. I also get the Liberal perspective from my folks and my brother, so I'm not insulated from that point of view, I just disagree with much of it.

So there you have it, the sites I read that show me that there IS progress in Iraq, and that we ARE doing well overall. If you only want to read two sites regularly, I recommend and Operation Iraqi Freedom as they are news/information and not commentary.

What sites to you all read to get your news on the GWOT?



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