Monday, April 09, 2007

We lost another one

I'm getting to be the age where the people who created things I loved as a kid (and in many cases STILL love!) are passing away. Joe Barbera died at the end of last year, and people whose names I didn't' even know, like Iwao Takamoto (the artist/character designer of Scooby Doo) are gone now too. There's been so many others over the last couple of years, and my brother usually emails me about them.

It reminds me of why I'm staying with my folk's while my husband is in Iraq. I want to really enjoy the time I have and 'savor the moment' with them, because who knows when I'll get this kind of chance again?

Anyway, on Saturday we lost BC Creator Johnny Hart.

Scott Kurtz of PVP had this to say about him-

Sad news. Johnny Hart, the creator the comic strip B.C. died yesterday. He was 76 and he died at his drawing table. That’s the way I want to go.

I grew up reading B.C. As a kid, I found a bunch of B.C. books at a garage sale and fell in love with his fluid line work. One of the first how to books about making your own comic strip featured a quote from Hart that I still carry with me. “Think funny.”

I know that in his later years Johnny was very controversial because he expressed his Christian faith unapologetically in his work. Whether I share that faith or not, I found it admirable.

B.C. was one of my father’s favorite strips of all time. We talk about it on occasion and I’m sad that now I won’t be hearing my dad call and say “Did you read today’s B.C.? It was a good one.”

Rest in peace, Johnny. Thanks for the inspiration.

And thanks for living your faith Johnny, I'm glad you truly got to spend this Easter with the Risen Lord.



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