Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hail to the Chief? Not! (but also not a hijab-wearing least not this time)

Nancy Pelosi is getting a bit ahead of herself here these days. First she drives through legislation telling the President how he will use our troops to fight this war...if he wants to have them funded anyway. (I'm not even getting into all of the money she had to dole out for various earmarks to get enough votes. Hey, wasn't she going to clean up Congress and stop those kind of things from going on?)

(oh, there's definately more, go on and click it!)

Next, she runs off to Syria to promote HER OWN foreign policy, against the wishes of the President who has a Secretary of State doing that job.

If she's trying to do the job, shouldn't she first RUN FOR PRESIDENT?!?! Or at the very least start working on impeaching the Pres and VP so she can get the job that way? (I don't think they SHOULD be impeached, but it is the only other way for her to get the job) Those are really her only two options to LEGALLY be able to do the stuff she is trying to do. Good fricking grief.

So far, I'm on the same page with the conservative bloggers who have been talking about all of this-

Hang Right Politics
Hugh Hewitt

Now, having said that, I think 'my' side of blogoshpere is going a little overboard regarding Nancy wearing a scarf head covering while on her trip. Here's the post at LGF that many other blogs are linking to- Pelosi in a Hijab
The photo in question comes from a Yahoo photo slideshow. A cursory look at that slideshow shows that the ONLY time she had her head covered was while she was INSIDE the mosque where the tomb of John the Baptist is kept. In fact, out of the 94 picture slideshow only five of the pictures show her with her head covered, and ALL of them are from her visit to the mosque. In fact, a number of the other pictures show her with the scarf tied around her neck....NOT covering her head.

You can question whether it was appropriate for her to visit the mosque, certainly, but let's not blow this out of proportion. When visiting a mosque, synagogue, temple or church, you follow the customs of the religion. Period. Laura Bush covered her head at St. Peter's Basilica for the same reason. The EXACT same reason.

She may not be what I consider to be a 'good' Catholic (based on her voting record and public statements), but I can see why she would want to visit this particular mosque. Here she is making the sign of the cross- Praying at the Tomb

So, let's criticize her for the important things shall we and leave stuff like this alone. After all, this does NOTHING but give the Left a chance to avoid talking about the SUBSTANCE of the issues.

UPDATE- (I know, I JUST posted this, but, hey..I just found this!) I still don't think it's that big a deal, but RedState does make some interesting points. And I didn't even consider the implications of her making the Sign of the Cross in a mosque.

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