Friday, January 05, 2007

Barack Obama

I grew up in Illinois, and most of my family is still there. So when this so-to-be superstar showed up, I gave him a look. I'll admit that I was hopeful that he would be part of the 'new breed' of Democrats who actually did the things they said they would. I listened to several of his campaign speeches two years ago, and found myself liking this guy, even when I disagreed with him.

I read this story today, and found myself wondering what the big deal was. Ok, other than his political machine is pushing the info out NOW so as to make it 'old news' by the time the '08 campaigns start.

Good grief people. I have much less of a problem with some one who did stupid stuff in high school and college and learned from their actions than some of the guys we have in government now who CONTINUE to do stupid stuff (hiding $90,000 in you freezer comes to mind).

If we were all held to publicly account for all of our actions from the ages of 16-25, and only those who had perfect, blemish-free records could run for office, well, it would be mighty empty in Washington right now.

Past behavior is certainly an indicator of future actions, but to disqualify a senator, judge, president, or other public official for something they did as a youth AND QUIT DOING is just plain stupid.

If nothing else, it turns our attentions away from the people in office who are STILL doing wrong.

Heh...I wonder how many people on the Left would be willing to say the same about President Bush's past? Sorry, that's just the cynic in me peeking out.



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