Monday, October 02, 2006

Victor Davis Hanson

Need I say more?

Traitors to the Enlightenment

Go read it now.

I especially like-

And what have we learned in the last five years from its boutique socialism, utopian pacifism, moral equivalence, and cultural relativism? That it was logical that Europe most readily would abandon the artist and give up the renegade in fear of religious extremists.

Those in an auto parts store in Fresno, or at a NASCAR race in southern Ohio, might appear to Europeans as primordials with their guns, “fundamentalist” religion, and flag-waving chauvinism. But it is they, and increasingly their kind alone, who prove the bulwarks of the West. Ultimately what keeps even the pope safe and the continent confident in its vain dialogues with Iranian lunatics is the United States military and the very un-Europeans who fight in it.

Still think Christian fundementalists in America are the problem?

Who'd of thought that NASCAR fans would be considered the bulwarks, even the saviors of Western Enlightenment?! ;)

Proud to stand up and be part of the solution!


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At October 03, 2006 7:56 PM, Blogger Alicia said...

Thanks for linking to that article. There is so much in there that I don't even know where to begin. I think I might want to come back in this ongoing struggle to develop a philosophy of Art and Society --the author made some good points about how the public criticizes the artist's technique when it is really the artist's convictions they are reacting to--and then, we need to defend those with less skill who still say things that are unpopular, because that takes even more courage.

I'm glad that Christians are the one group that can be criticized with impunity, though--it means that we have a reputation to not killing our enemies, which is exactly what we've been trying to build! I think that was one of your points.


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