Monday, October 02, 2006

Feminists for life

Feminists for Life has a new program that looks interesting-

Alexandria, VA, October 2, 2006 __ Feminists for Life is launching a national web campaign aimed at bringing peace to America’s painful, decades-long abortion conflict.

“Since 1973, it's been the same thing. One side of the hotly contested abortion wars yells, ‘What about the woman?’ Instead of yelling back, ‘What about the baby?’ Feminists for Life answers the question,” says FFL President Serrin Foster. “It’s hard to talk when there’s all that distance.”

To bridge the gap between both sides of the abortion debate, Feminists for Life is offering a new e-course beginning October 5, free to all who sign up, and advertising it via a national web advertising campaign.

Pro-Woman Answers to Pro-Choice QuestionsTM answers such common questions—and real quandaries—as “What about in the case of rape?”, “What about poor women who are without resources?”, and “Is it fair to ask a girl to give up her education to have a baby she doesn’t want?”

You can sign up for their e-course here

I like this group because they are NOT a religious based organization. They are looking at abortion from a different point of view, one that I'm trying to angle my discussions on the subject from as well.

Give them a look!



At October 03, 2006 7:58 PM, Blogger Alicia said...

Again, thanks for linking this! I'm reminded of a sermon I recently heard about abortion, saying more or less the same thing--that when we let the world turn the debate into a woman vs. baby argument, we've let them define the terms. Both women and unborn babies have infinite value, and I appreciated the resources to make sense of putting that all together.


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