Saturday, September 16, 2006

Here we go again

While some on the Left quake in fear of 'Radical Christian Fundementalists' and 'Christian Dominionists' what's happening in reality is quite different.

We're still having to fight school districts to allow students their 1st Amendment rights. This commentary lists just a couple of recent cases-

First Amendment Follies

This is ridiculous. Every single year we have to fight the same battles over and over, and yet the secularists complain when we make a big deal over Christmas. Well, maybe we wouldn't if we weren't constantly being bombarded with nonsense like this. They worry about Christians wanting to take over the country, while we're just fighting to be allowed to SAY that we're Christians in public!

The First Amendment was put in place in part to keep government out of establishing an official religion, NOT to keep personal expressions of religion out of government institutions like schools.

And yes, I believe that goes for ALL expressions of religion, Christian or not. Just this week we finally saw a happy ending to the widow who fought to have a Wiccan symbol put on her husband's grave marker in a military cemetery.

Wiccan sign allowed on Soldier's Plaque



At September 19, 2006 3:09 AM, Blogger Alicia said...

I think there's just a popular misconception equating "religion" with "brainwashing." Thanks for posting this--both of these articles--showing that people can and want to think for themselves.

You made a good point about how can Christians be trying to take over the country if we're fighting to even say we're Christians in public--and you said that so well!

I want this to be a country where people are free to think through their religious choices. I want things that are true to be said openly and freely--and I want there to be less fear about controlling others' actions. Thanks for posting this, bringing those two together.


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