Thursday, May 25, 2006

If you're going to steal a pic

for your magazine cover, you really shouldn't do it with the TIME Magazine winner for the Viewer's Choice Picture for 2005.

But IS that what's happening?

It's easy to jump on this band wagon, but especially after the 'Jesse MacBeth' fiasco this week, I'm a bit wary.

In Blackfive's piece, he asks Michael Yon about the picture on the cover and Michael's reply is-

The publisher, HFM, is one of the largest media conglomerates in the world with over 200 magazines and newspapers in 33 countries. This is a major launch with an initial print run of 300,000.

Blackfive goes on to say that he believes Yon is "more pissed about the photo being used for some kind of political agenda than getting ripped off". But nowhere does Blackfive tell us that Yon says the picture WAS actually used without permission.

It seems odd to me that the company who publishes Car and Driver, Popular Photography, and Woman's Day would use a picture on it's cover without paying for the rights for it.

I'll be commenting over there on this, and will follow up as I get more information.

UPDATE- OK, I've left a couple of coments over at Blackfive, and just want to reiterate that I'm not doubting Matt (Blackfive), I'm just trying to look at what was posted objectively, and getting some verification from Matt or Michael.

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UPDATE 2- Blackfive posted this comment-

Comment below written by: Blackfive
For everyone that is concerned about my actions on behalf of Michael Yon:

1. Michael is going to take these folks on about the copyright issue. He hasn't said, but I assume he has significant legal help.

2. Michael DID NOT ask me to act on his behalf.

3. I did ask Michael permission to post about it. I usually do that with everyone before I post something about them.

4. JimRob - check things out before you open your trap.

5. You don't have to do anything to help Mike. Am I putting a gun to your head and ordering you to call on Michael's behalf?


Michael is more than a big boy and is more than capable of taking care of himself. But, I'm also a pal of Mike's and Shock pissed me off. I'm returning the favor. Don't take part if you don't want to...I don't lead a cult and my readers are not automatons. Quite the opposite.

The best part, I say again THE BEST PART, of this blog are people that have opinions like senior lechero and thebronze who differ but aren't spineless and have a logical argument to make. I may disagree, but they are welcome here.


I'm going to call those nimrods tomorrow too...

Posted by: Blackfive | May 25, 2006 9:00:46 PM

While still not explicitly saying 'Michael says they took he image', that he is considering legal action is enough for me.

I'll be writing them to know that I will no longer be purchasing Woman's Day or Pop Photography until such time as this is equitably resolved. I only wish now that I'd renewed my subscription so I could cancel it! (that would carry more weight I think)

I encourage all of you to look at which magazines you regularly purchase/subscribe to, and if they are HFM publications to email or call the company and let them know you cannot support a company who steals other folks intellectual property.

Updates as they develop!



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