Friday, June 23, 2006

Playing catch-up

Saddam ends hunger strike after missing one meal?

He’s quite a trooper, isn’t he? Gave up one whole meal in his hunger strike!

More important though, is the recently declassified information about the WMDs we HAVE found in Iraq since the beginning of the war. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, I’m sure. Now, I know the Left will say that the timing of the release is politically motivated. My reply to them is, SO WHAT? It doesn’t make it any less true. But they’ll talk around the ‘timing issue’ so as not to have to address the fact that SADDAM lied, and WMDs are still unaccounted for in Iraq.

Click the 'read more', there's LOTS more!

Here’s a round up of bloggers, documents, and transcripts-



Hewitt pt1

Radioblogger transcript

Hewitt pt2

Hewitt pt3

Hewitt pt4

And while we’re on Iraq at the moment, I’ve been spending a lot of time praying fro the families of our two soldiers that were kidnapped, tortured and murdered by the terrorists. I’ve read quite a bit about this situation, and have to say I agree with comments (I’m trying to find where I read them) that say you can bet that soldiers won’t go down without a fight anymore. Sort of like people in hijacked airplanes won’t just sit back and hope for the best. These people, these TERRORISTS don’t play ‘by the rules’. They will kill you if you give them half a chance, and will do it in the most degrading, torturous, inhumane way possible. Pfc. Menchaca and Pfc. Tucker didn’t deserve to die that way, no matter what some people might think. We aren’t perfect, but we don’t torture and kill our prisoners. Unfortunately, some people will always believe that we do, and that we are no better than the murderous scum in Al-Qaeda. Here’s just the latest “we’re no better than them” attack on our troops Pot to Kettle. Make sure to vote and read some of the sick comments for the 10% who truly believe that we are no better than these butchers and murderers.

Garbage like this is why I needed a week off from blogging. In the PC game Civilization IV, there is a concept they call ‘war weariness’, where the people in your town become unhappy and quit working if you’ve been at war for a long time. I’m experiencing some of that myself right now. But I’m fighting it. It needs to be fought, on a personal level, and as a country. We MUST see this through, and we WILL be victorious.

Thanks for the words of support during my short sabbatical this week. I’m rested and ready to pick up the fight!



At June 27, 2006 10:03 AM, Blogger Alicia said...

I'm cheering for you from over here! Thanks for the news and the articles. I had to return a couple of times; some of the things you discussed were just disturbing. All of these families have my prayers. More than ever, I think I can see how our troops need our support. They have my prayers.


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