Thursday, June 08, 2006

Eden Restored

Scientific American talkes about how the marshlands in Iraq are being reflooded over the last couple of years (it leaves out the fact that Saddam drained them as a means to 'deal' with the people of the region) and how the flora and fauna are returning to the area.

Very cool stuff!



At June 11, 2006 4:44 PM, Blogger Alicia said...

That was really cool! I remember reading about the science behind reflooding projects in 3-2-1 Contact when I was little, and it was nice to see a real-world example. Improved land fertility can only improve things in Iraq!

At June 11, 2006 4:54 PM, Blogger Kyrie said...


And it's another thing WE are helping the Iraqis to do.


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