Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Net Neutrality update-UPDATED

If you've been following the Net Neutrality nonsense lately (start here- Mysa's LJ ) you know that a lot of 'big name' organizations on both sides of the aisle have been supporting legislation to 'regulate' the Internet.

Now we know WHY-

What makes Weber's cynical support of the legislation even worse, say Republican Hill staffers, is that his activities also aid, the extremist, left-wing organization, which is now being financially backed by Google so that MoveOn can help Google with "Net Neutrality." Google has become the single largest private corporate underwriter of MoveOn. According to sources in the Democrat National Committee, MoveOn has received more than $1 million from Google and its lobbyists in Washington to create grassroots support for the Internet regulation legislation.

Google may be supporting in a large way, but it doesn't stop there-

"You have to wonder when conservatives will wake up and realize what is happening here," says a House Republican leadership aide. "You have this unholy alliance between Google and MoveOn and groups like the Christian Coalition. I mean how is it the Christian Coalition can help a company like Google, which makes money off of online pornography? Conservatives ought to be very concerned about this situation, but they don't seem to get it. And perhaps by the time they do, it will be too late."

Ok, cut out the rhetoric there, but you still see that the so called 'grassroots' efforts to help out poor Google and buddies is anything but.

Go read the whole article-

Internet Nationalization

UPDATE-The Wall Street Journal has an op ed piece today that ties in nicely. The Web's Worst New Idea (and yes, I know it's not just the Left that's behind it)


At May 21, 2006 12:33 AM, Blogger Alicia said...

You know what? With lj, I'd gotten used to having your responses to my comments emailed to me; now I have to go back and check (I should quit being lazy, I know!) =) --just another thing to get used to, I think.

Regarding Net I'd skimmed the debates over in Mysa's journal, but, aside from getting nervous that I couldn't do the things I'd always done, I hadn't paid it a whole lot of attention. I think her biggest fear was that it wouldn't be certain types of services that would go for premium prices, but it would be certain types of sites and thoughts (in short, this wouldn't be a way for search engines to legitimately make money for better products, but a way to regulate the types of thoughts that go back and forth through the www).

You presented some good evidence and some good're saying that simply, regulation on the Internet would create more problems than it solves? I like the one point in the article that many things have been tried, some have failed, and some have been wonderful. Right now there seems to be fear in the news magazines and the parents' forums about IM and My Space, lack of security and wasting time. Yet the blogger/lj atmosphere has been a lot of's weird thinking we'd never have been able to imagine these things. I agree that we should let companies make money off their innovations.

Keep posting articles and updates!


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