Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sounding off on the Da Vinci debate

I've heard several people wonder what all the hubbub about the Davinci Code is all about. After all, it's just a novel, right?

True, but unfortunately many people are changing the way they think and believe based on it's premises. Take a look here- Reading Da Vinci Code does alter beliefs: survey

I don't plan on seeing the movie, for much the same reason I didn't see V for Ventdetta. I'm just not into movies that make a point of bashing my faith.

I'm also not into the whole lawsuit against Sony over it either. I'd rather support this Othercott: A New Way to Speak Your Mind . We're planning on going to see Over the Hedge anyway, so we'll brave the crowds and do it this weekend to let our money do the talking to Hollywood.

If you are interested in (or just curious about) other resources dealing with this book and film, here's a few sites to check out-

Da Vinci Outreach
Mark D Roberts
Hewitt on Da Vinci (scroll down for part one and more links from Hugh)


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